Death , Loss and the important things in life.

I lost an uncle on valentines day this year , my heart had been  pumping really fast the entire week before so am guessing that what was reason. Losing someone who you had seen for years is more traumatizing that expected . Sitting a few metres away from his dead ..i wondered to myself whether most of the things we spend 90 % of our time  worrying are really worth it. For example in my last ten seconds on earth ,would it really matter what lipstick I wore or shoes for that matter. Would I care about people’s opinion about me..all that money I was fighting so hard to get..was it helping me in that moment? I think I would be more concerned about my salvation ..where was I going after I died..(eternity in heaven ..or hell) , was I in love..did someone love me back ? did I tell everyone I cared about how much I did. Did I hold any grudges ? I think some of the most important things in life are being given a back seat and that needs to change . in my opinion it should be God , family , friends then other priorities depending on different individuals.


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