Superstitions and everything else.

I hate superstitions although I think I can be very superstitious . My heart has been pumping really fast for a few days now. In the past it always made me feel like something bad was about to happen. And sometimes it did. But then I noticed good things were happening to me as well ( when my heart pumped really fast) . So then I concluded that every time it pumped really fast..something was about to happen. But I have been keenly listening to sermons from some of my favourite pastors recently and they say that the more one dwells on something that’s not even there. The higher the chances of it happening. So am trying to be calm and positive and have clear thoughts but this only makes it harder because they I seem like am trying to forget  something. My prayer is that I may be at peace . I hate having a heavy heart, it makes me sleep less and paranoid ( like everything is out to get ).  Am also thinking it may be a real health issue that I need to do more research on. In the mean time , i shall keep writing and listening to newsboys.


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