App Review : Wattpad

For all the novel readers and lovers out there, your prayers have been answered through the Wattpad app. I first heard of the app when I was done with campus in June and unemployed (code for bored) at the time. I asked a friend if she could help me borrow a few novels from any of her other friends after failing at multiple attempts to find some on my own. Unfortunately, or fortunately, she informed me that she was not into the whole novel thing but would help me ask her sister to ask her friends to help me with some novels. The chain of request was becoming longer by the day and I was slowly starting to lose hope. However, one fateful day (as if dramatically telling a story), my friend got back to me and informed me that her sister gets most of her novels from an app called Wattpad and that it would be more convenient for me. So I got the app.

The Wattpad app is available for Android devices for free download , Mac products ( iPhone and iPads), high end Microsoft Lumia smart phones and Blackberry smart phones, from the respective product stores. It’s also available for web / desktop users.

As with all social networks, a new user will be required to sign up with their name and email address as well as come up with a unique username to reflect on their profile. After the sign up process is finished, the user is then required to fill in their profile, fill in a few things about themselves (optional) for their followers. The last part in the sign up process is the best, the user is asked to pick out their top three preferred novel genres that they would like to read and the provided answers are used to offer novel suggestions that the user can read first.

WattPad is generally your typical social network but most importantly a platform for both published and unpublished writers to put up their work for us, fellow readers and writers to read, criticise and offer advice to make their stories better. Some of the writers put up incomplete stories and will upload updates whenever they can while others will upload a complete story.

Another cool thing about this app is that you don’t need to pay any fee or register separately to become a writer on Wattpad. The application’s interface comes with a notepad where you can immediately start writing your book. It also comes with multiple genres of books including Romance, Chick Lit, Adventure, Historical adventure, fictional, among others, so there’s something for everyone. The best part is that books can be read online and offline so you save data (nice!!).

Being a platform for every kind of writer, you will find some rather amateur stories, some with broken English and some that are actually pretty good so patience is key. Understand that the platform is full of young hopeful writers who are trying to experiment and discover themselves and what they want to write about.

Lastly, if you are out there and have some material that has not been published yet, I recommend you put it up and see what the readers have to say. Someone out there may have a world changing story that’s waiting for someone to read.

Check out the Wattpad website and set up your profile from there:

Hugs and Hearts,

Esteri 🙂


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