Song Review: Always on my mind by Nosa.

I think many of you have listened to this song by now but I have to say it’s a rather beautiful one that deserved a review. I first heard it from Power Fm 104.1 and I Shazamed it immediately.

While listening to it, I fell in love with its simplicity and genuine emotion. Judging from the lyrics, it’s written for a loved one, most probably a wife or girlfriend.

It talks about how he feels about her, God’s grace to make her happy and when he hopes to see and talk to her again.

The instrumentals in the background are quite soothing and the most interesting is that he actually talks through a few parts making it seem like he is reading her a love letter he has written or having a love filled conservation with her.

I think this song is absolutely beautiful and its one whose tune you keep humming to even when the song is off.

I hope to see a couple have their first dance t0 this song on their wedding day.

A little bit about Nosa:

Hugs and Hearts,

Esteri 🙂


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