Happy New Year !!

How it goes and how it is readers?!! Happy New year everyone, hope the transition was good.

This year, i did not make any resolutions because I never keep them anyway. But I made a promise to myself, I will push myself out of my comfort zone whenever I can, and if I do not have the strength, I will pray for some.

I will take chances on myself and push my boundaries to achieve what I could never imagine and to carry out the purpose for my life.

I will not be afraid to put my heart out there in fear of being heartbroken, I will wear my scars on my sleeve.

I will not be afraid to believe, to hope or to have the faith of a mustard seed.

P.S: I have purple hair now….pushed myself of my usual comfort zone of ” braids only”.

Hugs and Hearts

Esteri 🙂



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