Struggles of the full figured woman.

I have had the best of both worlds, as Hannah Montana aka Miley Cyrus once said. Growing up, I was really skinny, my parents were worried that I was not eating enough or that I was being bullied in Primary School. They would always get me to eat more, dairy products especially, but nothing was working. To be honest, I enjoyed being really tiny while the other girls were struggling with baby fat and being called “fat bombola”. Looking back, I probably should not have laughed at that nickname as hard as I did, because, as we all know, karma will eventually pay her visit. I got away with wearing mini-skirts and “kundi shows” which have by the way made their second debut as crop tops now.

But as the years went by and I joined Secondary School, puberty and all her gifts (karma included) decided to pay me a visit. They really did a number on me, all over sudden I was the “fat bombola”. I went from being a dancer and upcoming sports lady (I was trying out volleyball at the to barely being able to walk fast or run.

With my new curves and doubled cup sizes came with having to dress differently and constantly being aware of how something looked on me. I never had this problem when I was smaller, I looked nice in Everything!! It also meant that every trip to buy underwear would leave me emotionally drained. I got strange looks from the sales ladies when I said I was 15 years old with my hip size, I honestly felt bad. The weight just kept coming through by the way, never disappointing, even with my efforts to reduce my meal quantity.

By 18, I was over it. I believed that the weight was here to stay. The worst part for me though, wasn’t the struggle of looking for underwear or having skinnier friends (because being the biggest out of all your friends is not funny) or constantly being conscious of your body and what you are wearing. The worst part was not loving myself like I was supposed to.

But leaving school and going to the university opened my eyes. I met bigger girls who were proud to be curvy, and not have “little boy figures”. I thought to myself, I can get used to this.. J.

Anyway, self love never comes easy, but as I started to, the weight slowly started disappearing. I always tell people that I started going to the gym to explain my weight loss, but in all honesty, I went like twice. I guess loving myself and believing that I was hot made all the “fat melt”( pun intended).

God’s timing is always the best, I lost the right amount of weight at the right time and retained what I needed because now, having a butt is the in thing. I mean, women buy “bums” and have breast and butt implants these days. There’s all sorts of products on the market to make the less endowed have all the junk they need. Am like “am way ahead of that trend, been curvy since I was a teenager

Hugs and Hearts,

Esteri 🙂


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