A celebration of love.

I don’t know where to start, my sister / best friend just got married to her best friend a few weeks ago. I think it’s safe to say I have to buy my own clothes now (LOL) and learn how to cook!

Anyway, a love like theirs is the kind of love many wish for but only a few are blessed with. Eva and her husband met in S.1, same class and same stream ironically. I don’t know if she remembers telling me about him, and she’ll probably deny doing so, but she once said, “There’s this boy in my class, and he wears glasses and can be annoying sometimes”. Lol…if only she could see the future then.

They later became friends and eventually something else entirely. Although many people believed that relationships from high school would never last at the university, they did. And while others believed that relationships from the university never lasted after graduation because of different schedules and all the other fish in the sea, they did. They defied all odds against them till the day she walked down that aisle to marry her best friend.

Am sure she knows how lucky she is to have met someone at 13 years and watch them grow, grow with them, become their friend and then eventually marry them. She surely survived all the dating and “putting yourself out there” that the rest of us have to go through nowadays.

I had the honour of being the maid of honour, and I got to be front and centre of all the wedding preparations, the introduction ceremony, the dress fittings and all the other preparations that come with planning a wedding and am nothing but proud and honoured to have been given that responsibility.

I am more than happy for my sister to have found the right person to begin this new journey with, and am grateful to God for having taken us through it all, the kukyala, the introduction, kasiiki, kasuze katya and finally the wedding.

Hugs and hearts

Esteri 🙂


6 thoughts on “A celebration of love.

  1. Francis says:

    Nice piece and happy for the couple. Well there was no sign at all that these two would end up together if am to recall S1. All the best guys.


  2. mukupe says:

    Iam so happy for the Musazi family…..I wish them all the best in their marriage and I pray for them to be really happy with all their hearts desires ….u guys deserve the best n it fills my heart with joy for knowing were it all started tho I dint know then that u guys will get married but I was your schoolmate n its interesting ..that kinda love is hard to find these days but u guys nailed it……I love u two n please love each other till forever


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