Gym Aftermath

A few weeks before my sister’s wedding, we both decided that maybe we could both use a few gym sessions to make sure we looked banging in our dresses (I was the maid of honour). So one Sunday afternoon, we dressed up in our gym wear, we made it a point to look cute (coloured sneakers, headbands, the whole nine yards) and set off for the gym with our brother.

Now, I have to let you know that the last time I had been to the gym was around May or June, and the last time I had done any serious physical exercises was in September so I was far from fit.

When we got there, the gym instructor was more than glad to train/instruct us for the day as we stated that we would not stay for long.

We started by warming up and then did multiple exercises that were mainly concentrating on the stomach area, a few squats here and a few sit ups there for about 40 minutes. The whole time, me and my sister kept getting stares from the guys from the gym (Ptshhh…had they not ever seen women in a gym …or did we look that Unfit!!?). But going to the gym is in these days, people get dressed and do nothing there, I mean.

After what seemed like forever, we were done, we thanked the gentleman and left. I felt like we had actually done something because we were sweating and our stomach muscles hurt a bit. On getting home, my sister was dying, her legs hurt so bad and she seemed to be in so much pain. I laughed.

Come Monday, however, I was not okay either. My legs hurt so bad I practically limped to work and to everywhere else I had to go. It was so bad; I winced every time I stepped down a stair and let’s not even talk about the way I was walking. My walking was hilarious, I laughed at myself at some point and I think I walked like Robocop. Every part on my body ached; going to the bathroom was such a struggle that I no longer take it for granted.

Anyway, by Wednesday, it didn’t hurt so badly and I could walk properly.  If I learnt one thing about working out, it’s that one has to take the whole process slowly especially if it’s on a whim. If it’s for long term, consider getting an instructor or gym buddy to guide you and keep company. Also, put on a cute outfit, you never know who you will find there.

And yes, we killed it in our dresses at the wedding !!

Hugs and Hearts,

Esteri 🙂


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