Contrary to what it may look like, I have had this blog for close to two years now. I started it when I was interning at a very cool game development tech firm during the industrial training break in my second year at the University.

There was plenty of WiFi and I loved, still love actually, to read and occasionally write so I figured why not. I used it to post my most random thoughts, all things that I felt but could never talk to anyone about. However, I never really took the blog seriously; I never even edited most of the material.

However, during last year’s Christmas break, as I was wallowing in self doubt and pity about what am good at or what talents I have. I went back to the basics, I love to read and write. While others have been blessed with talents in sports, art, singing and dancing, maybe mine is in writing.

I had been looking for a channel where I could express myself and impact others in a positive way. I thought I could talk about things that your ordinary young female thinks about, feels and goes through but never says out loud. With that, I decided to reinvent my blog and redefine what it stands for. Making this blog more public than private has given me a certain level of confidence I did not have before. The ability to put my opinions and thoughts out there is very scary due to the presence of criticism and reader’s opinions, I had to open my heart and head in order to write. It has changed me though, for the better.

Mawazo Mazuri stands for good thoughts in Swahili, which is what I want my blog to be characterised by.

So while I sit here at my really old laptop, with most of its screws fallen out (literally) and with uncertainty that it will make it to next month. I believe I have found what I love. I only pray for the grace to hold on and to learn and grow as much as I can on this journey.

Hugs and Hearts

Esteri 🙂


9 thoughts on “Redefinition

  1. Joel Jemba says:

    awesome, one more thing you need to do is add your twitter handle in the twitter share option, whenever I/we share your blog/link on twitter it doesn’t show your handle, please insert it in!
    meanwhile Congrats on finding yourself as writer and all. cool stuff.

    Liked by 1 person

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