The art of perseverance

I have been struggling with what to be strong for and when to quit. But I also remember that whatever position God has placed us, he expects full perseverance and resilience because he has given us the grace and strength to withstand everything.

I am an intern at a place I don’t really like, doing something am not really passionate about and I keep wondering when I will finally be in a position doing something I love. But I also keep wondering why God would put me in this position. What am I here to do? I don’t even really like it here but there must be a reason am here, what is it?

Amidst listening to Joel Osteen’s teaching, I realised that those who are actually on the right path will receive resistance and will constantly be discouraged by external forces.

I encourage us, myself included, to push Push PUSH and keep believing until we get to where we have to be. It took Joseph 13 years from the time his brothers sold him into slavery until he was in charge of Egypt (when his dreams actually came to pass).

Have faith and never give up.

Hugs and Hearts

Esteri 🙂


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