Album review: Hello, My name is Bridgit Mendler

I love Bridgit Mendler and I love her album, also called Hello, my name is Bridgit Mendler. Many of you know her as Teddy Duncan, Charlie’s older sister from the hit Disney Sitcom Good luck Charlie.                                                                                                  

She released this album in 2012 and did really well on the Pop charts especially her hit single off the album, Ready or not.

I love this album because it’s a majorly pop with a little rock mix which are some of my favourite music genres.

I also like it because I sort of relate to it, it tells the journey and love story of a teenage girl, right from seeing the guy, who later becomes her crush, to falling in love, him serenading he, telling him a lot about herself, who she is right now. To him moving away and her missing him a lot (like every teenage girl in love) and the big sad breakup..(Which sucks) and finally her making an attempt to move on.

The major reason why I love this album, other than the fact that one can relate to it, is the fact that it’s so real; it’s mostly her in vocal lead with barely any back up. In a few songs, she does her intro with her guitar, it sounds so beautiful. The emotion in this album is so beautiful as well, believable. It’s like all she was singing about were real personal experiences.

Please listen to this album; it’s not too girly, I promise. She’s really talented and you’ll love it. My personal favourites off this album include: Ready or Not, Forgot to laugh, Top of the world, Hurricane, City lights, All I see is gold, The fall song, Love will tell us where to go, Blonde, Postcard and Quicksand. But I think that’s basically the entire album.

Hope you like it as much as I do.

Hugs and hearts

Esteri 🙂


2 thoughts on “Album review: Hello, My name is Bridgit Mendler

  1. Oluchee says:

    Yea. She’s good. I still have the ‘Ready or not’ song in my phone and I’ve had it for close to 2yrs now. It has gotten out if style or anything. I love that song!

    Liked by 1 person

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