My Oh ! so so love story

As Valentine’s Day draws near I can’t help but think about my previous relationship. Like many ladies, there is always that relationship that is the last straw for one to quit dating for a while. While he was not a bad guy, at all by the way, he just got me thinking that if a guy can be that great in the beginning, I may lose myself in him, only to find out later on that it was never him at all.

I first saw him at hostel, we had the same circle of friends (my first mistake) and although all our friends were friends, we had never been introduced nor really talked. I had actually heard about him, he was quite popular among the ladies, I guess he affected them.

When I first talked to him, it was a scene out of a teenage romantic movie; I bumped into him at a birthday party which happened to be at the end of the semester in one of the Kikoni hostels. I was supposed to meet a few friends there but they bailed on me so I had to stand in the corner for two hours looking on while everyone else gyrated to the music.

At midnight, the hostel askari kicked us out, it was time to leave and while I was walking down the stairs, I bumped into Him and he said hi. For a moment, definitely in my head, everything else was still; it was just him and me, talking. I liked how he would take 30 seconds or so before responding to anything, it was so cute, it made me feel like he was looking at me talk (you know in the movies how a guy will just look at your lips move while you talk).

Anyway, the internship holiday was coming up and he would have to go far away, and since both our phones blacked out later, we could not exchange numbers. But we found each other, and had some of the best times of my life with him. He was really sweet and thoughtful, knew what to say and what to do to make me feel like the only girl in the world. For those three months, it was just me and him against the world and everything was perfect.

Maybe too perfect, I often thought to myself, one day people were going to find out and burst my fairytale bubble I had taken three months to blow. Our relationship officially started when the semester started and my greatest fears started to materialize. Pressures grew, and we grew apart. Things that were not issues before became really big; I was losing my prince charming. The worst part was going through what we went through while having the same friends, it was the worst.

But thinking back, I guess we were two great people who were not right for each other, I can’t blame him or I for the way things ended.

Hugs and Hearts

Esteri 🙂



10 thoughts on “My Oh ! so so love story

  1. Diamante says:

    Mine was the opposite. Because i knew before hand that this person was so wrong… (But well, semi-kikoni love). So, almost immediately, i felt the need to be with the right person. How i was supposed to know who was right, i dont know. I let myself be…

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