Series of odd events

The past few weeks, even this very one have been very interesting for me. Peculiar things have been happening and while normally I would not be bothered, I have been very bored so I’ve been reading much more into everything

To start off my count down;

  • I have had a major case of writers block. Usually when am not in the mood for writing or not feeling inspired to write there’s usually something lingering at the back of my mind, but last week I couldn’t even express what I was feeling in words and barely had the energy to type. Earlier this week my mind was blank and / numb, I spent almost the entire voting week in my bed watching Korean dramas. Maybe that’s why I couldn’t write, my heart and mind were thinking in Korean but since I can’t write Korean, I was stuck (LOL).
  • I thought my ex had blocked me on Whatsapp. We have both moved on and are peacefully co-existing while having shared custody for our friends ( who are many btw ) I had half a mind to send him a text message and be like “ why you have to go and ruin the working relationship we have and block me, shots have been fired and my ego is hurt”. But as it turns out, UCC had blocked Whatsapp and most Social media platforms for “security reasons” during the voting period. MY BAD.
  • I have been EXTREMELY lazy the past couple of days. However, the most annoying thing is that on each day I had energy to execute an errand in town, or go to work, it was a public holiday. I didn’t work the entire voting week (yes, I gave myself a well deserved holiday). On Tuesday, I decided to work on my permit at least but alas when I reached Kyambogo all the way from Rubaga, it was a public holiday for Janan Luwum and then this week on Wednesday I decided to wake up early to pass by work and see what was there but once again, it was a public holiday for voting for division counsellors. I was practically dressed and almost out the door when I realised everyone had gone for personal errands already and I was the one to stay home. I didn’t even know, I mean, who comes up with these public holidays and how come I never know about them till am done dressing. I should have stayed in my bed!
  • While everyone else had to use VPNs to access Twitter and Face book during the election period, my Twitter was actually on the entire time. I don’t even know how, I was at my polling station at 8 am and wondering whether everyone else’s’ voting materials were late so I decided to check my social media. That’s how I found out about the social media and Whatsapp block. I didn’t even know, my Whatsapp messages were coming in till about 10am of the voting day. Odd!!
  • This is probably the most interesting event for this week. On Tuesday, I went to the bank to deposit money for my mum and I was in front on this strange man who just kept peeping at me the entire time (weird). Two minutes after I left the bank, I received a call from an unknown number and I happily responded only to hear “hello, is this Esther? This is the gentleman who was behind you at the bank”. I was super pissed; I assumed someone was calling me for a job interview, arggghhh. But some men are generally strange, the whole time he was peeping at me; he was actually peeking at the deposit slip for my name and phone number and that’s very disturbing. Note to self: start putting Rona Sanyu as my name and 0712345678 as my number. But that guy #stalkerhabits.
  • Last but not least, while I was writing this piece and grateful for the concentration I hadn’t had in a while, someone thought it would be smart to switch off the socket where my power cord was plugged. And I was ¾ way through, I couldn’t believe it. To say I was furious is an understatement; I had to rewrite most of the content. Let’s just say it took all the GRACE I could summon to start afresh.

What an interesting week!!

Hugs and hearts

Esteri 🙂


6 thoughts on “Series of odd events

  1. subtleroyalty says:

    So I’ve not been in my Writers block alone ey? Good to know hihi<<even though that sounds quite the evil thing to be harmoniously together in hehe)
    You and your ex…hilarious! I'm praying for you hehe

    Liked by 2 people

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