Comfort in discomfort

Comfort in discomfort

The past few weeks have not been easy for me. I had fallen into a very boring routine. Work, movies, pray, eat and sleep, on repeat for weeks and I hated it. I am a busy bee in nature and like to always be up to something especially on the weekends. But even as I write this, I can’t believe I haven’t been up to anything for weeks.

I have seeking God for what to do next and in the meantime, I decided to bloom where I am.

Being comfortable in the uncomfortable situation is about staying still and knowing he is Lord and he has good plans for me. It is a reminder not to feel depressed about wasting away my 20’s or not being up to anything new.

I decided to be still and stay calm and wait, He will direct my path to where exactly I need to be at the appointed time.

Hugs and hearts

Esteri 🙂


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