The Female Conductor

I happened to board a taxi today with a female conductor and the time we rode i kept thinking she was really badass!! If you live in Uganda, you probably know that they aren’t very many of them. I would estimate the ratio of male to female taxi conductors as 30:1.

Anyway, i was proud of her, it takes a lot of guts for a woman to do that kind of job. I think over time, it has become sightly easier for women to get respect in what were previously referred to as male dominated careers. For example: medicine, engineering, surveying and technology.

As a girl with a technological background (studied Information Technology and later developed an app with a few friends, we quickly became a country sensation in a few weeks). The tech world is more than welcoming to female newbies now more than ever because it feels like women were previously undermined in this field.

But how do women get that respect in fields that are “not that fancy” for example: taxi conductors, mechanics , plumbers, technicians , truck drivers, etc. It takes a lot more guts for a women to be these things and gain respect from her male counterparts than being a female doctor or engineer. This is so because not only does she have to put her esteem out there but she will be judged according to her physical strength.

However, it felt good to see a woman to do that kind of work, she not sitting at home like a fat teddy bear waiting for a man to bring her a phone, money, clothes or food. She has gone out to do something about her situation and there’s nothing cooler than that type of chic.

My advise to the guys is to find yourself a woman like that, that makes a real wife. Not necessarily a taxi conductor but a girl who understands the value of hard work and putting their brain and hands to good use . That is a woman you are going to build an empire and legacy with.

Hugs and Hearts

Esteri 🙂



9 thoughts on “The Female Conductor

  1. Joel Jemba says:

    Lets keep the ratio at 70:1, so about the app you developed; name of the app and perhaps where to find it? did I tell you I am aggressively searching for a woman, Literally thanks for the advice/tip. . .

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  2. vhuvu says:

    Hmmm that man. If he wants one im right here working hard ready to take him. Lol. I’ve seen women taxi drivers and bus drivers but a conductor is rare. Id love to meet one. Maybe soon enough. But it’s good she’s working hard for herself.

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  3. Amanya says:

    On the Kira-Ntinda route is a Hajji driver with his Hajjat conductor. The lady is in Hijab more over. I boarded that taxi and the whole journey I was thinking about women rights in Saudi Arabia.

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