I hope everyone who has watched this movie can agree with me, was it Amazing !!! or what? I had the privilege of finally watching Concussion over the weekend and i must say i was blown away by Will Smith’s performance. ( I get the whole Oscars scandal and him and his wife not going…)

I was amazed, i love love love this movie, if you have not watched it, please do. I won’t give any spoilers, i have been told i do that a lot but all you need to know is that he acts as a Nigerian Doctor ( yes !!) and what blew me away the most was the Execution !!

First of all, it could not have been easy for him to become this character, even i can’t do a Nigerian accent at all , yet i most definitely had a Nigerian movie obsession phase when i was younger. His accent does not come off too strong or overly acted but is just enough to convince the viewer that he is really Nigerian.

I think he deserved an Oscar nomination , i don’t know what you guys think but he did a very good job. But just like Leonardo DiCaprio, maybe it’s all about time.

Please watch the movie, it was really good, i promise and if you have already, tell me what you think.

p.s How does that man still look that good..!!??

Hugs and Hearts

Esteri 🙂


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