Mamma Mia

Foodie Call

We planned to meet for lunch at this new place, Mama Mia.
Am a food lover,I enjoy a good meal(tasty,delicious,delightful is how I like my food.)
Since it was a new place for me,I decided to get myself physically hungry (a little) before the lunch date,which meant saying no to my usual eating in between meals routine…

It’s a habit i adopted,especially when I want to enjoy (savor) my meal,try out a new cuisine at new place.

At Mama Mia
It’s a small and cozy place with good decor, well placed tables for two ,four and six. With hanging wall art of different foods (like a promise of what is yet to come,on your plate.)
It’s a relatively busy place,that’s always a good sign,means the food is good or good prices for good food(either Way, it’s still a win for me-GOOD FOOD).

A waitress brought the menus and waited to…

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