Greetings from this gyal..

Greetings peeps, it has been forever. I hope you are all good and that Mother’s day is treating you well ( or you are treating your Mothers to something).

I have ” been lost” but now i have found myself. In truth, i have been incredibly busy. My sister and my other sister moved back home…again. The twins were rather sick and she needed all the help she could get. So, i have been playing Aunt ( which is a full time job by the way ) and it’s kinda exhausting. Being a parent is not a joke, i have a new found respect for my parents.

I also quit my job, but that’s a story for another day. I haven’t told my parents yet. They’ll figure it out…. eventually.

Lastly, a very close friend of mine and myself started a food blog. It’s a work in progress but we are very passionate about this project so please support us by following our blog and being interactive readers , foodiecall256 .

I hope i can be more consistent ….

greetings from me, the twins and the girl who can now construct a full sentence.

hugs and hearts,

Esteri 🙂


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