Part III: The Ultimate Test of Trust

I should probably mention that am a spiritual person, so i attribute all of my wins and losses to God.

After the Excitement of receiving two amazing opportunities with the possibility of travelling to New York with one, i had to come back from could 9 and actually start my processing my US visa. This is when my ultimate test of trust started, it was one thing to say that i trusted God with every aspect of my life and that everything would work out for my good, but did i actually trust Him?  Most times people will say very strong words like I trust you, I love you, I can’t live without you, but do we actually mean what we say? I kept on saying i trusted Him so it was time for my test.

I started my visa application process and everything was going okay, until it wasn’t. I had such a hard time getting my papers there and getting the feedback i wanted. I was moving up and down, toiling, trying to get the help i needed to finish my visa application process. The most frustrating thing was that i was doing everything right, i was following all the instructions i was supposed to and doing everything i could to get whoever was supposed to help to actually do so, but i was doing everything in my own strength. I had so much faith in the system at the beginning of my application process that i totally didn’t acknowledge that i would need God’s help. Time came and went and there was no breakthrough with my visa. I was so depressed,words can’t describe how i felt at that time, after being so excited about being selected, i saw my blessings being snatched from me by random bureaucracies and inconsistent policies, i was upset!

I decided to take up the Bank offer a few weeks before i was set to travel, since i still had no visa, i decided to process it while working. Thinking back, i think i needed a distraction, after being depressed at home for a few weeks, i decided to busy my mind before i lost my sanity. I started the Bank job and it was okay, but the hours were terrible, i kept on thinking at the back of mind how my visa better push through before i burnt out from exhaustion.

After many weeks of struggling with my visa, i decided to stop doing anything about it, i prayed to God to work on it, if He wanted me to go, i would go. I surrendered everything and went on, i decided to completely trust Him. From the moment i made that decision, i started receiving calls from all the different people who were supposed to help me, all steps were taken, calls were made, emails were sent and my visa application was finally accepted, all within one week.

From then, i had to quickly leave my Bank job and prepare to fly out the next Saturday, everything happened so fast. But this was after i surrendered everything and trusted Him.

Hugs and Hearts

Esteri 🙂





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