Coming to Ameriika

After getting my visa to the United States, I had to fly out immediately the following Saturday. I was to leave Entebbe, head to Rwanda then Brussels and finally New York. I had never been on a plane before but I wasn’t really nervous about the journey, I was more scared about getting lost in Brussels or missing my flight. I made my dad, brothers, sister and niece (yes, I wanted most of the squad there to see me off) drive me to the airport three hours earlier. What can I say, I was very excited, in that moment it didn’t matter that I was late or had issues with my visa, all that mattered was that  I was finally going.

I did my check in and everything else and in no time, it was time for me to find my gate, which I did. It was at that time that I became nervous, about what, am not so sure. Maybe the fact that from that point onwards, I was on my own. For the next three months, I had to figure everything out mostly on my own. Thoughts of me not being able to find my gate in Brussels or getting robbed or getting lost in the airports all crossed my mind. I kept on reassuring myself with a silent mantra ” He says I will never leave you nor forsake you”.

Soon, it was time to get onto the plane and in no time, we had left. The journey was long and I was exhausted but I slept for like three hours max, I was super excited and in a different element altogether.

I was lucky enough to sit near a very nice lady called Nadia, I had actually met her before at Entebbe airport, she helped me directions and luggage, then she sat next to me the entire flight to Brussels and she helped me find my gate.

When we finally got to New York, I still couldn’t believe I was there. This is how I feel everyday till today, whenever I leave the building, or look at the view outside my window, I still can’t believe I actually made it here. It’s an “out of body experience”.

Hugs & Hearts

Esteri 🙂




11 thoughts on “Coming to Ameriika

  1. oluchee says:

    Oh my! This is all good news. Thank God you haven’t yet encountered anything sour to make you feel like you’re where you’re not supposed to be.
    Thank God for opportunity, and a reason for experience. Thank God for making His word true in your life.
    I hope every step of your journey will be remarkable, and would give you more reason to give glory unto God!
    I’m sending huggsssssss across to you ^^

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  2. iKomusana says:

    Congratulations and enjoy the experience.
    Good to know we won’t be looking for you among the lost and found lol
    If it’s any consolation, I got my visa the exact day I was leaving.
    4 hours before my flight to be exact.

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