New York In Pictures

Hello Everyone, greetings from sunny New York (turning into rainy!!). Hope you are all well and that the Good Lord has kept you. I wanted to share some pictures of New York, am not really featured in most but i hope you can get the feel of it. Am still here for a few more weeks so i will share more . Am going to try and describe every picture so that you can identify them. Thank you so much for the support :))

  1. Central Park ( i also made sure to check out the spots where a few scenes of Gossip Girl where shot)
  2. Lincoln Centre, Mostly Mozart Concert (side pic, sorry!)
  3. Museum of Modern Art (Moma)
  4. Me smiling for the cam :)) HOPE:))
  1. Broadway, ( I really want to watch School of Rock)
  2. Inside the UN HQ (International Youth Day)
  3. Columbus Circle
  4. I was somewhere in Harlem, for sure!!
  1. Coney Island
  2. China Town
  4. Brooklyn Bridge ( I walked the whole bridge, i was super proud of myself!!)
  1. Saint Patrick’s Cathedral on 5th Avenue (side pic, sorry!!)
  2. Rockefeller Centre (again, side pic..sorry!!)
  3. Mercer Street, SoHo
  4. Very fancy building right across from our house….:)) in Sakura Park
  1. Rockefeller Centre (at night)
  2. Somewhere before we crossed the bridge (inside Dunkin Donuts:) the building has a beautiful colour, i could not help myself)
  3. The view from the Brooklyn Bridge
  4. The Chrysler Building, It’s really tall:)) , tried to get most of it in the shot!!


As usual, Cheers!!

Hugs and Hearts,



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