All of a sudden am Black !

Having lived in Uganda for all of my life until now, one would say i had not been culturally exposed. While i went to multi cultural and racial schools, nothing could have prepared for me for the cultural shock i had when i came to New York. You must understand though, our country is one of the most culturally diverse, there about 50 tribes and even more languages and i have seen White and Asian people before and interacted with them so i was confident i would be just fine. Moving from a place where my skin colour is the majority, i had no insecurity or thoughts about my skin colour, i was always just me.

However, the moment i got onto the plane from Brussels to New York, i started to feel really different, there weren’t many “me-s” around. I was getting a few stares too, not mean ones, just inquisitive ones. The ones i used to give foreigners i saw back home, with questions in my mind like; where are they from? what’s it like where they come from? what’s their story? why are they here?  Looks like that. I was suddenly the black girl .

Moving to New York, the first month was the hardest, i still felt out of place and an outsider but people were being nice, some inquisitive about Africa in general, a few people would not get what i was saying some times (because of the accent and pronunciation) and the form of dressing was a bit interesting (Uganda is a little more conservative). Others were fascinated by my braids and thought it was my real hair (i wish!!)

I like New York though, it’s very culturally diverse, the highest percentage of people living here aren’t even from here which is more comforting for me. I also appreciate the diversity in couples, i feel like i have seen almost everything ( white&black, Asian&white, Asian&black, black&black, white&white). It puts a smile on my face every time i see a mixed race couple, the gap is being bridged, we aren’t there yet but we have come so far as well.

I also had the opportunity to do a photo shoot for my extremely talented friend Rand Jarallah, she’s amazing . We wanted to show that there’s two sides to everyone in the sense that even though am black, there’s so much to me . There’s my colour and background but there’s also me, Esther Ndagire.

I have attached the pictures, hope you love them :)) Also check Rand’s Instagram and Facebook on and

Hugs and Hearts





11 thoughts on “All of a sudden am Black !

  1. Fatma Amin says:

    Hi estar. I have been to Uganda & I must say .. I lov’d the place . I had stayed there for almost 8 months . People are cordial . I have a close connect with Ugandans . I love the atmosphere of that place . This was a really nice post to have come across . Hope your day is going great !😊 See ya soon .

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    • The Dutchess says:

      Hello my dear, thank you so much for sharing with, am glad you loved Uganda. If you are ever there again, please let me know, we could hung out if that’s fine. Thank you so much and i can meet you someday . Have a lovely day !!

      Liked by 1 person

      • Fatma Amin says:

        Sure . A definite word from my end . I am glad to find that u regard me as a dear friend of yours . I’m not be coming there soon anytime now . But when I make my next trip , will let u know , for sure. Thanks for your amiable nature . I hope you don’t mind going across my feed . Will be glad if we catch up regularly. Glad to have connected here . Thank u!

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