Greetings from Jo’Burg

Greetings my dear ones, it’s been forever and I apologise. It’s been a month since i have been back from New York. I had a three week break at home before I had to head out again, this time to Johannesburg to continue my Fellowship.

I just arrived a week ago and so far, it’s okay. I miss New York so much of course, I miss my second family that I made there, especially the girls. I promise to write about each of them in my next piece.

Being in Johannesburg has sort of helped me quickly filter what I want and don’t want to do after the Fellowship. I feel like 23 is a little early to decide on what I want to ultimately do with my life but I also feel like I have seen a little of what I don’t like and that I don’t want to go back to it.

As I will be here for 8 months, am trying to find the balance between making the most of this amazing opportunity, seriously thinking about what I want to do next and also acknowledging but I may not necessarily like a few things or be good at some others.

Hugs and Hearts,



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