The Haircut

Greetings from Jozi dear ones, how are the Holidays so far? I have been swamped with work but I promise to write more.

A few weeks ago, I decided that I wanted to change my appearance a little because I decided I was bored with how I looked (like most girls in their twenties), I decided to get a hair cut.

I have had the same hair styles since I was 18 honestly, it was either in braids or out. As those who from Uganda or are familiar with policies there, most public schools, both Primary and Secondary, don’t let girls grow out their hair. So throughout puberty, you go around school with one inch of your natural hair constantly questioning your beauty (the sudden boob attack and pimples don’t make your internal rantings and monologues any better).

To make matters worse, i went to a Boy’s school (technically mixed but was once the best Boy’s school in the country). Those boys constantly reminded us how we looked just like them and were not pretty at all. We were always reminded about the beauty of the girls from the All girls schools, it was hard.

I promised myself that after I was done with High School, I would never cut my hair ever again. I guess constantly hearing from my peers that we would only look hot if we grew out our hair also intensified the promise to myself.

So from 18 – 23, I braided my hair, had it straightened out and braided it some more so that it could grow out faster. It was painful sometimes, quite expensive but I was getting “prettier”. I did have a few guys from my old High School ask me out at the University now that I had grown my hair out, I was quite flattered.

But a few weeks ago, while thinking to myself, I thought that my beauty should not be defined by hair, or how much make up I wear or how curvaceous I am. I get that looks are important but they should not be why you date me.

I asked a few guy friends for their thoughts on me getting a hair cut and a few were quite supportive, I was glad. Others were flat out typical, “You won’t be pretty anymore” they said. It is for this reason, among many that I opted for this cut, some guys need to stop associating women’s beauty with long hair, curves and all that.

Quickly..on a side note, isn’t it hypocritical for some guys to say they totally don’t like girls who are fake (as in hair extensions, lots of make up) and how they appreciate girls who are all natural but will be the first to call “all natural” girls too plain and will almost kill themselves for the “fake” girls. Guys, please be real, if you like your girl with extensions and lots of makeup, say that, it’s not a bad thing. All girls express themselves differently and each of us have different characters.

Anyway, I went ahead and booked a slot at the saloon. I was scared out of my mind so I decided not to cut it all the way (hahaha…i was terrified), I had hair up to my shoulders and i cut it half through.

I like the hair cut, am considering getting a shorter and more edgy one soon, maybe in maroon this time 🙂 Am also learning how to comb out the fringe every morning.

I feel free, now that I have done it once (VERY different from school..that was forced), I can do it over and over and I don’t feel so attached to my hair anymore. And that’s a good thing.


P.S: You are beautiful by just being you

Happy Holidays dear ones

Hugs and Hearts

Esteri 🙂



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